Catherine Outwin

Catherine Outwin is an abstract expressionist Artist.

Auckland-based artist Catherine Outwin creates contemporary abstract paintings establishing her own vocabulary of texture and interruption through colour and form.  After studying Visual Arts at M.I.T. in 2004 she has painted from her studio in Takapuna.

Her work is inspired by seductive materials such as resin, acrylics and mixed media and are created after meditating on subjects such as light and landscape.

By a process of addition and manipulation Catherine explores the relationship between surface and depth, creating a dynamic interplay between elements.

The paintings you see are the final scene of a moving picture whose history is encoded in layers of resin.

Earth, Water & Fire Exhibition

Symbolism Series

Falling Slowly

I See Red Exhibition

Colour Series

”Abstract Art is a new kind of visual language which challenges the viewer by removing the subject matter thus providing freedom from the subject matter and forcing us to become active participants in finding recognisable forms by using our imaginations. ”

‘My latest body of work has been inspired by the seductive materials and colours which investigate modern techniques of mixed media art. As a result of experimentation and a fascination with colour charts I’ve derived a new avenue for creative expression through my use of colouring and resins.

A lot of the paintings refer to movement – circles, momentum, concentric, symbols moving across the board, water falling, liquid etc… This theme goes perfectly with the organicity of the resin and other materials.